YiM Foundation is a non profit company (NPC) that seeks to be a reservoir of information for young people about the mining industry.


Our mandate and objective is to foster youth participation in the mining industry through program and advocating for holistic transformation specifically through 7 of the 9 pillars of the Mining Charter, namely:

1. Human Resource Development

2. Employment Equity

3. Mine Community Development

4. Procurement

5. Beneficiation

6. Consulting, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

7. Ownership & Joint Ventures


we seek to achieve the advocacy of the pillars through research and campaigns where we make the foundation a source (reservoir) of information about the mining industry in relation to youth. We are constantly researching new and innovative ways to add value to the industry while also attaining shared value for all stakeholders.


A. Youth in Mining Portal []

The portal is an interactive platform that facilitates interaction between youth, industry and DMR. The platform aims to combine young
people that are [interested, affected, employed] in the mining industry, with relevant stakeholders and information to best suit their
ambitions and needs.

The other aim of the platform is to act as a vehicle for the mining industry and DMR to communicate and share their initiatives with
a captive audience.

B. Enterprise Development Programs

These programs will conduct community skills and enterprise audits, alignment of community enterprises and mining house necessities,
or JVs with existing mining house suppliers.

Our Services

Idea incubation -- Enterprise Development -- Management Consulting YiM Foundation has partnered with other youth owned and run companies to offer a holistic solution to small businesses that are based in communities/ regions where mining houses operate.

The drive of government is to have mining houses procure services and products from BEE compliant companies – yet mining houses cite challenges in finding companies of good standing that can offer the required services, especially in services that are essential to the mining process. Our services are in 3 (three) ways; starting with creating a hub in a mining community, and to offer the following services/ programmes – depending on the stage of the entrepreneur/ business:

- Idea Incubation, which is where aspiring entrepreneurs will bring their ideas to be thrashed out by experienced personnel, and at the end of the process developing a concrete idea which is ready to be registered as a business – turning their idea into an opportunity.

- Business Development, which is where aspiring entrepreneurs can take their start up and already existing business for vetting, to make sure they are registered with the relevant bodies and are of good standing to be operating.

- Management Consultant Services and Business turn-around Strategies, where entrepreneurs can take their business which are struggling – to stay in business or to grow – for management consulting services and turn around strategies.


Twitter: @yimfoundationZA